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As-salatul maraajul mumineen, a hadith says. Prayer is the maraaj of the momin.

Prayer (Salat) is a conversation / dialogue between Allah and you. A hadith states that Allah has divided the prayer between Himself and His servant, and He responds to what you say in your prayer.

If youíre talking to someone else in your prayer (or having an internal monologue / thoughts) while reciting the words of the prayer simultaneously but not paying any attention to those words, what kind of a conversation is that? How can you expect your prayer to be valid in this situation?

Obviously itís not valid.

If you stand for prayer with this in mind, that youíre about to engage in a dialogue with Allah, and then pay full attention to every word you recite, then your prayer will be fulfilling, pleasing, and you can expect that it will be accepted too. Otherwise, it will get thrown back at you like a useless rag.