There's a homeless African brother who is at the masjid every day. He lives in an RV and parks at the masjid. Not only is he at the masjid, but he is constantly volunteering. For example, if there's an event going on, he will help with distributing the food. He tries to talk to the youth and give them good advice. He's honestly a great person. But here's the problem.....he's homeless.

Am I wrong to think that it's an absolute embarrassment that the community hasn't helped him get out of his homelessness? He's not a new member of the community - he's been here for at least 5 years. He's well known throughout the masjid. Many people probably know that he is homeless. Seriously, when I look at him, I get angry that my community is so selfish that we won't even help the guy.

All it would take is one person with somewhat of an authority at the masjid to collaborate a plan to get people to help him. I'm not exaggerating when I say that they could easily get 500-1000 people willing to each pitch in. If 1000 people each paid just $5 (the price of a cup of coffee), that would be $5000 and enough to get him an apartment, used car, etc. But nobody seems to care.

I hate to bring the race card up, but maybe things would be different if he wasn't African because it's a predominantly arab/pakistani masjid; although it is still diverse.

Before you ask why I don't do it myself - I'm not well known in the community. It is a very large one. There needs to be someone who is well known and trusted who starts this.

Please make dua for the brother, he struggles but is always in a good mood when you see him.