Salaam all. I'm new here and seeking some advice about my problem.

I am married to a lovely man MashaAllah, everything is going great apart from that I recently found out (through an aquaintance who couldn't keep her mouth shut and happened to spill the beans) that my husband had a girlfriend before he married me. Apparently this person who told me used to be at the same Uni as my husband so she knows. Anyway, I confronted him and he accepted it. I am truly truly heartbroken! We have talked about it and he said he was still a virgin when we got married as he didn't have sex with his ex girlfriend. They just kissed and he said he didn't even touch her inappropriately.

I honestly feel betrayed because I saved myself for my husband, never got close to a guy let alone touch or kiss one because I wanted to only be my husband's. I'm not saying I am perfect and that he isn't but in this regard I feel as though if I could keep my chastity then why couldn't he?

He keeps telling me that I have nothing to worry about because there was nothing sexual between them and that he didnt even get 'turned on' when they kissed etc BUT having studied medicine and human physiology at university I know very well that guys can get turned on very easily from things as simple as hugging. I don't know why he is lying to me about that. I feel sick to my stomach whenever I think about how he must have got sexual feelings with her to the point where I can no longer go near him. I've lost all desire to be physically close to him because I feel as if he has already given what was mine to someone else.

He is getting frustrated over this but being the good man that he is, keeps reassuring me that I have nothing to worry about, that it was a mistake and he repented to Allah. Now I know this sin is between him and Allah alone and I don't want to interferre but I just can't help feeling betrayed.

Can someone, preferabble if they've been in my shoes, advice me as to how I can overcome this sickening feeling and enjoy life with my husband?