• Hi,

    I have worked on the Islamic APP ( ISLAM DAILY) which is similar to Muslim Pro a Muslim app and looking for the partner who can work and invest and hopefully can make some money from it.

    App is available free on app store with 1000s active user and more than 1100 followers on facebook page.

    Let me remind that Muslim PRO app is making $17000 a month revenue from their app thought its been there from 6 years and i have got almost all features they are offering and more.

    We can discuss this if you are interested for joint partnership though i spend time and money on it and still open for any negotiation to work with.

    IOS App is already in the app store but want to work on Android sooner.

    To check this app please see http://www.islamdaily.co.uk or search on app store islam daily.

    Looking forward to hear.