Whether or not we are introverted or extroverted, social or anti-social, shy or not shy, reserved or outgoing, whatever our personality is, do you think that as

Muslims living in the West and interacting (directly and indirectly) with non-Muslims, we need to have a friendly, approachable personality towards them

for the sake of Allah to show the non-Muslims the beauty of Islam through that friendly, making eye contact, approachable, smiling character trait?

For instance if we have non-Muslim co-workers, is it our duty as a Muslims to be friendly, smiling and approachable to them instead of keeping to our self most of the time, even if it's a mixed-gender group since it's in a professional environment.

Same thing applies to school, college or university in our interaction with professors, mentors, classmates even if it's mixed professional environment.

Or when we go shopping for groceries and happen to run into non-Muslims whatever their gender, or our interaction with the non-Muslim cashier etc.

Do you think we will be questioned by Allah that, we were given the opportunity to show the beauty of Islam by molding our character to be more friendly,

smiling, and approachable to non-Muslims that we were connected to in our daily lives by His will, but we chose to keep ourselves isolated and reserved

from them. Possibly giving them a negative view on Islam? Do you think we will be questioned about these things as Muslims living in the West?