Wasalam brothers and sisters. I am a 24 year old female in need of help. I have an issue that is making me feel really guilty, and I need some advice. I am applying to programs for medical school, and one of my previous professors who is writing me a recommendation letter made me uncomfortable. The problem is, I need this letter from him. I need 3 letters; 2 of my letters are from other professors, and the third one- well, he's the only one I can ask. He's my advisor from my Master's program, and he has an amazing letter written for me. He no longer lives in my area. I called him today to give him some more information for the letter, and he was very willing to help. However, he was flirting with me throughout the conversation. Don't get me wrong, he loves me very much as a student and as a friend, but I always suspected that he is sexually attracted to me and today he made a sexual comment as a joke, and I laughed it off. I feel guilty for laughing and going with it instead of firmly telling him that the comment made me feel weird. He is married, and I feel very guilty bc I feel like he is being verbally unfaithful to his wife and adultery is a huge sin in Islam and now I feel dragged into it. I asked Allah sincerely for forgiveness but I still feel like I will be punished for this and that now I won't get accepted
To medical school because I got a letter the "dirty" way. Any advice would be appreciated- like I said, I need a letter from him, if he doesn't write me one then I'm out of options. He's sending my letters out today. Thank you.