AlsalamuAlaykum brothers and sisters,

My name is Hajer Ibrahim and I am a 24 year old female currently in second year pharmacy school towards my PharmD degree alhamduliAllah Allahuma Barekli. Please make Duaa I get 100% A+ on my upcoming quizzes and final for the class called "6206 - GI and Liver" ad 100% A+ in the class (it is a very hard class and I have been studying nonstop) and also to get into Rho Chi Honors Society this month and become the president or vice president of this honors society and get straight A's in pharmacy school from now on and be on the Dean's list for the fall 2016 semester, spring 2017 semester, fall 2017 semester, spring 2018 semester, fall 2018 semester, and spring 2019 semester and get straight As from now on including the class and classes I am currently taking ya Rab and that I obtain a residency after graduating from pharmacy school in May 2019 with highest honors and pass the board exams of NAPLEX, CPJE, and MPJE, and get a board certification of BCPS ya Rab. And that for my job at Rite Aid, I work maximum 4 hours a week and they fall on Friday evenings.

Jazaak Allah khair.

May Allah reward you and answer your Duaa's and mine Ameen!!!