I have a question about people that are oppressed. Forgive me if I sound completely jaheel (maybe it's finally rubbed off on me from the evil family that live next door). Also, I may be talking complete nonsense, lack of sleep does this to you and sometimes I feel there are two people in my head (thank you evil family that live next door for ruining my life!),

I've read hadeeths and various quotations where it says "Allah listens to the prayers of those that are oppressed" and "damned will be the oppressor" and things to that effect.

So say for example, there is a country and there is an evil oppressive dictator who has his cronies go round and kill people without reason. These people are oppressed. So does this mean none of them prayed to Allah or does it mean Allah didn't listen to their prayers? Or are they killed because it was written in their book of life (or whatever) and the above hadeeths and quotations do not apply for that reason? Or is it because all the oppressed will go straight into Janet when they die and that is their prayers being accepted?

Let's take Syria for example. They have an evil dictator who gets off on killing children and women and men. The people are oppressed. I am sure they pray to Allah if they are Muslims but a lot of them still end up getting tortured/mutilated/murdered. How does that work? For sure, it's not going to be "help from Allah" for each person that is oppressed.

Could someone please clarify for me.

Administrators and moderators please feel free to change the wording or delete this thread as I might have gone completely bonkers.