I'm trying to figure out where I could work and it seems like there are few options. For example, I was looking into becoming a dental assistant, but I realized I'd probably end up being alone with a man. I was also looking into becoming a phlebotomist, but companies usually require their employees to travel to patients' homes and I fear I may end up being alone with a man. I also looked at becoming a child care provider but the average salary is 19,000 and that is almost impossible to live off of. Even if went into child care and apply for government assistance, I fear that I could end up living alone in a bad area as the city I will be moving to is the most violent in the country. And either way, there are plenty more reasons why I think working in child care is improbable.

I won't be able to further my education and I can't think of any halal jobs that don't require a degree where I'd make enough to sustain myself. Any suggestions?