Assalamu alaykum to everyone,

I live a very difficult life. I lost my job few months ago. Earlier I got very sick, now every job I find something bad happens with it. For example last one I found, the company stopped working, so there's no salary, etc. Whatever I try to do not to fall in banckrupcy and in order to normaly live, that thing somehow ruins. I live in a rented appartment and I should leave it and go back to my mother's, but I can't leave it because I need to pay many things (old bills, this month rent, etc). I'm totally stuck and can't find any solution.

I mentioned that I got sick. Well, I have hemiparesis of the left side of my body. It's caused by neck spine problems. Also I have vertigo. Vertigo is also caused by neck. Since the very moment I got first vertigo and hemiparesis symptoms, my life became difficult. Actually, at first I fell into depression with no reason, then I ended up in hospital, after some time I lost my job.

Maybe it's nothing, maybe just destiny, but you know when life doesn't go forward sometimes it looks like kind of sihir.

I have many other problems but I feel ashamed to mention it.

I'm afraid to make anything alone. Can you help me find out what is going on?