Assalam Alaikum,
I'm a stay at home mom who wears hijab and has mimimum social interactions, due to some mild social anxiety and being an introvert who likes to be alone and also I don't have family nearby anymore.
I have a nice Muslim next door neighbor who always brings food. I get embarrassed, first because I am not always able to return her favor. Second, becasue it is a hassle for me to always keep my apartment presentable due to taking care of my child alone with no help and due to minimal space. Third, am usually wearing daily clothes I wear at home that are only presentable to my husband and close family.
I like to keep a distance from neighbors because of the reasons I stated above and would hate for a friend to be my neighbor because of those reasons. I like to keep a distance when it comes to my private life and I like feeling comfortable at home without having the pressure of having to exhaust myself tidying up the whole day/wearing long clothes at my own home/getting interrupted when doing something important or something I don't want others outside of my family to see.
I know some of you might think I'm weird, but as I said I'm not a social person and this is causing my lots of anxiety and stress.
I even bought long wide pants to wear just in case neighbors knock on the door. I started wearing them the moment I wake, even when my husband is home, just in case someone knocks. I also stopped wearing makeup at home because I don't want to open the door and be shown like this outside to the world when I open the door. I'm also panicking if I do any activities like bathing my child (or anything that makes a mess) during hours where I know neighbor will knock. I hate living like this in my own home.
Neighbor is an extrovert who is fine with wearing her hijab and long clothes indoors during morning to early evening hours in case someone knocks on her door. I like having my privacy and wearing whatever I want in my own home.
Also, due to the nature of the layout of my apartment, almost the whole apartment can be seen when the door is open. It's embarrassing if I have stuff laying around.
Any advice on what to do/wear and how to handle this situation?
How do hijabis deal with this?
What do hijabis wear at home?
Thanks for any help.