I am sorry to come across as ignorant. I am a Christian I am a serious believer, anyway I met who met a Muslim man online. I wasn't looking at all or searching, to be honest I very much against this notion of being with a person of another religion. I met him by learning a subject. Anyway he tell me he likes me very much, we never did bad things or even speak about it. We just talk like friend casual things. I told him many times I dont think it can work, because he should be with muslim sister who can support him in his faith. As time past we still chatted but I still kept my distance with my heart. Anyway I met his family, just hi kind of thing, he insisted and I got sorta mad first because I didnt want to get close. But his family likes me and always wants to say hi how are you and talk just basic things. I also didnt share with him that im in a wheelchair and need assistant each day few things. I don't know how he will treat me after and why open everything about myself if im not sure if its possible and why stress him, if im not in the same city. I didnt promise to him anything, and sometimes I do push him away. and dont talk.

I have a question. How does Islam see people in wheelchairs? I dont want to even think of a future if its frowned upon, I wont accept more then one wife thing. I don't know what to do, he even says marry him marry him, I say no. because I feel he says marry because he loves my personality but my leggs is another thing.he saw my face etc he likes ... I dont want to upset his parent or family, make them sad or a burden. I also dont feel taking a chance even, if its not worth trying.

ok plz dont be harsh with me, im just trying to make the right discussion. So according to Islam is it allowed? did prophet Muhammad approve? What advice to you have for someone like me.?