Firstly, I will admit that I am not the most informed person on this crisis and welcome anyone to point out matters I may sound ignorant in.

Second, I apologise if there is already a topic on this. If there is one I would appreciate a link to it.

With that said, it frustrates me a lot seeing fellow Muslims basically grovelling to non-muslims to take them in, and even when they are taken in they're begrudgingly allowed in.

Been living in Europe the past year, even came across some refugees living nearby. While they have been welcomed, a vocal minority (at least I think a minority) really resent and fear them. It's just sad to see and hear. Why do they have to put up with this?

We have so many rich Arab countries that surely have the resources to accommodate most, if not all, Syrians. I remember a while back reading about how the camp sites for the hajj are completely empty for the remainder of the year and Saudis refuse to give the space to the refugees.

I am just really sad and confused. What's going on? Why do I not hear anyone talking about this? Or am I just not looking in the right places?