I know many people's zodiac signs (a sign attached to what time of year they were born, such as me, pisces the fish, because I was born march 3, in between late February and late march).....they are scarily accurate, and ive heard others say this as well...my father also says there are actually scientific studies that show that the earth's gravitational forces and climate affect personality and neurology when a baby is born, but these aren't confirmed....I am a pisces, am, like predicted, very emotional, intuitive, caught up in my own little world, and a dreamer....my father is a scorpio, and like predicted, he is extremely angered by betrayal and lies, and it is hard for him to forgive......my special ed bus driver and my childhood friend from the 5th grade, are both cancers, and they are easy going, and my mother, brother, and sister are capricorns and they are stubborn people.....as predicted....why is this shirk if many claim it Is accurate?