So Allah has given me the ability and support to further my education and become a doctor, lawyer, etc... I just don't like school and am tired of it.

What if I were to just get an ok job where I can get by to support myself or family, instead of furthering my education for more income.

But then struggle to make ends meet, or lose a job, or whatever... would it be my fault that I am struggling because I didn't take advantage of a better opportunity to support myself? Because just because I get a good job, doesn't mean it will always be there or I will be able to perform it, it's only if Allah willed for that right?

But then if I do struggle later on because I didn't get a better job at first, would that have just been Allah's will or my fault.

Like you get what I am saying? Just because I have a good job, doesn't mean I will always be fine. And if I do get a bad job, don't work hard for a good one, and lose my job and struggle financially is that just Allah's will no matter what, or my fault because I had the opportunity to do better, even if that opportunity doesn't mean I will always be fine financially.