Alssalamu Alaikum, My name is Taher! I'm a native and professional teacher of Arabic and I have been graduated from Al Azhar University. I have traveled to many Arabic countries which makes me more experienced and knowledgeable about arabic culture and living. also I have traveled to many other countries and I'm living now at Malaysia.
Excited to take on new challenges, I would love to meet you, speak with you and help you learn the Standard or Colloquial Arabic language fast and easy! I will help you to get ready for studying at Al Azhar and other arabic universities , job interviews, starting business in arabs countries such as UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt or just casual conversations are my main fields and believe me, I enjoy each and every one of them!! Come and give it a try I'm sure you're going to like it!! Can't wait to meet you!! :-)
(Tajweed and Quran Lessons Available)

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