I'm looking for posters for this facebook page.



To post Hadiths/Quran Ayahs and anything Islamic for Dawah purposes through facebook. Preferably once or more a day, daily.

All of the content posted must be authentic, for obvious reasons. :daleel: :fatwa:

Those interested, please PM me or comment here.

For sisters who wish to take part in this, I have come up with a solution to protect your privacy. Gents can follow this too if you're concerned.

1) Make a fake gmail account or any email account. (Example: IBoldtimer@gmail.com)
2) Sign up for facebook using that dummy email account, provide fake names if need be.
3) Verify the facebook account to the email account.
4) Like the page linked above called "I Love Islam"
5) PM me your email and I'd give you rights to be a poster on the page.

This way no one will know who is posting behind the page and everyone's privacy is protected.

Currently, I have a few trusted members from Ummah Forum posting in the page.

Jazakallahu Khairan for hearing me out. May Allah shower his blessings upon all of us!

The Prophet ? said, “The most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it is small”. [Bukhari and Muslim]

Don't miss this opportunity to do dawah right from you seat. All it takes is a click and it can spread to 100s of people sometimes. See picture.

Also by posting hadiths you may come across, you'd remember them better too. :readquran:

Jazakallah khair
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