I have a bit of a problem and hope some Umrah agents can help.

There are four of us going to Umrah this April insha'allah so I went ahead and booked two Economy (Guest) flights with Saudi Airlines as I had a voucher to spend on two passengers and the flight cost me 720 each passenger and I had to go and book through a particular agent.

Now, the problem is that I cannot find the other two flights with Saudi in Economy return - the only option on the saudi site is going Economy and coming back Business which is too much but also means we won't be seated together.

Therefore, is there any agent on here who can get me a Return flight for two adult passengers for the following dates in Economy class.

MAN - JED 08 APR (SV0124) - departs 1200
JED - MAN 22 APR (SV0123 - departs 0335