I am sorry if this is too abstract, or if it doesn't belong here. I also apologise in advance if I offend anybody, it's not my intention.

I'm feeling very confused and lost and don't know where to turn.

I was raised pagan and became Christian while I was in University. Then around 3 years ago or so I started to seriously research Islam, and I converted last year - but I think I did it too soon and wasn't ready and I didn't even practice properly nor did I fully believe because I still wasn't sure of the role/nature/personality of Muhammad or how Jesus fit in.

I have been studying different things lately and it's got me so confused.

The main thing that most things use to say "Islam is more accurate than Christianity" is that the bible is corrupt and the Quran isn't. However recent research has shown both to be equally accurate, (within 2% for both with the only difference being grammar) with the dead sea scrolls confirming the old testament and several verses from the new testament. the New testament was also written within 80 years of the life/death of Jesus and with several witnesses to the conversations that occurred still alive. This means that if it was a misunderstanding it would have been quickly shut down. Surely that means we must either accept his claims or reject them (as well as denounce him as a heratic/madman) Although the bible has been translated it is never a translation from a translation and is always a translation from the original.

I have read both the Quran and the Bible but I'm at an impass. I know only one of them can be telling the truth, but I can't figure out my stance. Using logic and psychology alone I'd say Christianity was the correct path (and that perhaps the prophesies given to Muhammad were from another entity altogether and that's how both fully believed they had the truth and both were known for truthfulness and faith) but my heart is still reaching out to the mosque and prayers and hijab.... I feel stuck between the two and unable to fully move in either direction and its making me feel very spiritually stuck.

I'm not sure if anybody would have input on this or know where I should check for answers, or if anybody encountered similar.

again I'm sorry if any of this is improper....