I will start by saying I'm a Muslim. I pray, fast and do everything I'm suppose to (Mostly).
I'm a very strong person mentally but the thought of death will instantly ruin my mood and I willl just cry and cry and cry like a baby. It's really horrific, to the point where it has taken over my life. The fear mostly strikes at night.
My biggest fear is that I will be awake in my grave, this coming from being claustrophobic. I feel like that's how I will be punished, by being in a small dark place and not being able to move. The reason I have this fear is because I've heard a hadith about the dead person awakening in their grave and just the thought of that at this very moment is causing me to tremble.
I'm not sure what I hope to gain by posting here or what anyone can tell me, but I don't have anyone else to talk too.
So yeah any insight on why I feel this way or what I can do because it's really taking over my life and I don't want to be afraid anymore.