I am ashamed to admit that I have been using chatrooms for a while just to chat nothign more nothing less.However people usually dont have he diea of just chatting. i have also shared my email id with certain people and now this is bothering me because even if i was to close the id down it wont mean they no longer have it. further years ago i googled one of my id and it came up in soemone onlien blog they had a list of id of peopel they were interacting with there and some really bad things written under mine. in my wildest imagination i would no thave thought someone would do such a thing or people actaully went to document such things and fabricate thing that way too. i should have known better tho iam not justifying myself. i have closed that id and now googling i that much does not come up does it mean that page has been taken down? this is my first question. if please someone could tell me if that means that page is down? secondaly if someone had hacked into my computer would i know? or is possible for them to take personal info without my knowing? my second question is if i was to quit this habit of chatting now it wont change that i have done something secretly liek this or that people have my id how worried should i be about this? what are the chances of things going wrong ? i have not send anyone my pic/video etc and have nt said anything crude/dirty yet its chat and i should have known better and anything can be taken any way thats usually how words are twisted online. so people can have thier fun. i feel extremely ashamed and now worried i cant go back and change anything what can i do now?

please please advice
jazakAllah khayr