My story can be read here:

Recently I came to realise I had been traumatised by what happened as I started to spot signs and break out of this depressive state I have been and did not even know since this all happened. I was unable to get married due to this and would cause me severe anxiety and didn't know why. I have been suffering the effects of PTSD ever since which recently started causing me flashbacks and put me in severe anxiety. As when this happened I was the weakest I had ever been mentally and because they were forcing and lying to me, on top of my migraines at the time, I had severe stress and anxiety which would make me have seizures, go in to fetal position and rocking as mental patients do etc. Taweez, false raqees all became associated with lies, hatred and force and I would refuse to go to them. My family would take my refusal, medical symptoms and aggression as signs of being possessed. They continued to act like I'm possessed to now as I started getting flashbacks of the events that occurred which became unbearable. I finally came to clear the issue after brother AbuDharr from Derby had visited and performed Ruqya on me one last time to prove I wasn't and explained to them what they did was wrong and all this scarred me mentally. There is much more to what I have written in that post but because of what they did, taweez etc. became triggers for me. From before this all happened up to now I have always prayed and knew nothing was wrong with me but they did not want to believe anything else so each time I was ill, they would call up this fake raqi, force taweez water on me etc. which would make me trigger and act aggrressively.

I was wondering if there is anyone else that has suffered a similar situation? Should I persue legal action against this fake raqi who convinced my family all the while to do all this? How far do you think I would get if I did?

Jazakallah khair