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Quizzes can be an interesting way to learn, for some. For people with weak attention spans, it's definitely a lot easier than learning through reading books, though that is of course the better way. But nevertheless, any way that a person is learning is better than not learning at all. So, this thread will be about Islaamic quizzes (and I must stress the "Islaamic" part; it's not for general quizzes), yes, but it will be done as a means of teaching people a few things here and there, In Shaa Allaah. The quizzes will be on different Islaamic subjects, so it will not only be about history, but even other subjects such as Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadeeth, etc.

The next quiz will not be posted if the previous one has not been answered.

There has to be a time-limit for answers, of course; if no time-limit is given, the thread will die in the case of a quiz being posted which is too difficult for the readers to answer. So, I think three days should be the time-limit. If, after three days the question has not been, then I will answer it - In Shaa Allaah - and move on to the next quiz.

Sister noraina has made a suggestion to include the following rule:

"Part of the rules should be *not* looking up the answer on the Internet. Either get the answer from books, your memory, or someone knowledgeable you know."

So, we will include this as part of the rules of the quiz.

I will start it off with a relatively easy one:


Quiz #001:

"Which Sahaabi (Companion of Rasoolullaah ??? ???? ???? ????) was known as the Keeper of Secrets?"