The French Foreign Legion is a branch of the French military, only open to foreigners. They are mainly a rapid response team, meant to go anyway in the world at short notice for the protection or rescue of French Citizens or citizens allied with France. They have outposts in Abu Dhabi. There are many Algerian and Senegalese Muslims already serving. Muslims can take 30 days off for the month of Ramadan, as well as 15 other days for any other activities, each year. Muslims can pray 5 times a day, and are not hassled for practicing the religion. We are allowed to choose what regiment we are posted to. If we were possibly asked to be sent to Iraq or any other nation where any misguided Muslim Brothers/Sisters could attack us, we are as muslim soldiers allowed to decline such missions, and request alternate deployments, inshallah preventing us from having to face any muslim or inflicting damage on them. The Legion currently are not at war with any nation, but have been involved in helping the Muslim Syrian refugees into France and have outposts around the world. After 5 years of service, the recruit can apply for French citizenship.
My question is, would it be permissible in Islam to join this military?
Jazakallahu khairan