If traveling by air from KHI with the intention of Umrah, at what point it becomes mandatory to put on ihraam? Sadly, I am getting conflicting information about it from different sources. Some say at Jeddah airport we can put on ihraam before setting out for Makkah, other opinion is before landing at Jeddah otherwise dum/kaffara will become waajib.

Another thing I read was not to make intention of Umrah when leaving home and after reaching Makkah, settle down in hotel then go outside the city to the nearest meeqat place and put on ihraam there.

Can someone please provide me the authentic view as it will help me decide my itinerary if I should first go to Jeddah-->Makkah or travel from KHI to Medina and then come down to Mekkah? I will also try to call some authentic scholar in KHI to get their opinion.