Salaam I just wanted to know if anyone here suffers from any mental health issues and if so what kind of things help you through them?

I personally have had depression and suffer from social anxiety from early teens and it affects my life to the extent where i don't have a career and I find being in education extremely overwhelming...

I just wish I could get some spiritual advice because lets be honest going to a councilor or seeing a therapist isn't the same when you feel spiritually lost an disconnected from the world. I am pretty socially isolated and don't have many people in my life who i can talk to about my health and when i have tried to do so i feel like my feelings have just been dismissed and no one really cares...

Another little question:
How do you get the right balance of Tawakkal (having faith in Allah's divine plan)? I mean how much effort should you be putting in to something. Obviously i understand you shouldn't expect Allah to send you miracles and that you should put in effort; but how much effort? In this instance (mental health problems) I pray to Allah for guidance and support and i pray he can guide me and put me in the company of righteous people, but I don't know what to actually do myself to make the effort to go out their and find people. Ive tried contacting people but i either havn't had a response or have just been dismissed... I hope that makes sense..

Any replies would be appreciated