Asalaam Alaikum,

I will get straight to the point. I am going to be starting my new job next week Monday, and I am thinking of starting to wear the hijab. I have been thinking about wearing the hijab for the longest time, but just did not have the strength to do so as I was still in school and a different work place. I thought I didn't have the courage to start wearing the hijab in the middle of everything. But now since I am done with school and starting a new career, I want to start a fresh.

I know ultimately the decision is up to me, but I would love any suggestion/tips or feedback to strengthen my imaan and do it to obey Allah's commands. Since the start date is very near, I have been going through an inner turmoil in deciding if I should start wearing it from the first day, like cold turkey, or gradually transition into it. Just to note, I am not just going to wear it for work. I am talking about in my everyday life as well. I don't have any hijab wearing friends around me to ask for help or support, hence why I am asking here.

I have read online some sisters recommending to set a date and take it slow and steady. And some just going for it. My dilemma is not so much about what others will think, it is more about if I can remain true to my faith and keep it on. I don't want to feel to have it take off midway. I am not being able to come to a decision. In the morning I will be like "yes, I am going to do it from the start date" and then in the afternoon, I am like "No, may be I should wear it out and be confident in it....." Sometimes, I also have Satanic whispers in my head that "what if I don't get to make any friends because people may treat me different with a mere piece of cloth on my head. I am hating feeling and thinking this way.

In one way, I am feeling glad that perhaps Allah swt is guiding me some way. But then I am also guilty that I kind of weak in faith to actually start wearing it already. I had worn it during 4 years of high school, and somehow I didn't get bothered by these type of thoughts a bit. People have called me different names, but Alhamdulillah I didn't seem to care at all. Then I took it off in college for reasons best not mentioned in this post. I don't know why I am feeling this way now.

Please, any help would be very much helpful.

JazakAllah Khairan