It has been widely reported in Arab media ( aljazeera, gulf news, Doha news, Saudi press agency, Riyad vision etc) that Saudi authorities have officially restored the hajj quota prior to the restrictions imposed in 2013. This was proposed by Crown prince Mohammad and was later on approved by king Salman last week. It is however not clear whether the lifting of restrictions will apply in full from this year's Hajj or whether it would be done in a staged manner. Either way it is a very good news for all over the Muslim world as the 20 percent reduction in quota was proving very difficult for aspiring Hujjaj and only one Hajj was allowed every five years and even the first timers were struggling to get visa due to reduced numbers.
The Hajj ministery still needs to issue an official statement to all the countries so that Hajj agents are able to advise all applicants for Hajj 2017 appropriately.
It would be interesting to see how it affects the U.K. as number was reduced to 20,000 and full restoration of quota will bring it back to 25,000 which was the case until 2012.
The recently imposed visa fee of 500 will still be applied to those who have been there before. We will wait and see how things unfold in the coming months.