I think we should all remember this very important fact. That fact is our lives and everything in this universe was decided 50'000 years before it's creation, Allah has planned for us what we deserve, The Quran says "And they plan, and Allah plans, Allah is the best of planners". In all reality we can cry we can be angry we can be filled with rage, but for what? A temporary situation in a temporary Dunya? The Quran also says "Verily with hardship there is relief" no situation is permanent a second that feels like hours will end and hours that feels like a second will end. Just look how quickly our day has past since this morning look how quickly 2016 has past into this year. We are on a train with a one way destination and that destination is at the will of Allah. Brothers/sisters if you are desperate to find the one you're destined to spend your life with, don't worry while you are making Dua to find him/her they are doing the same for you.
And finally in the words of Imam Shafi'i (RH) "I am satisfied knowing that what was always meant for me shall never miss be, but what was never destined for me shall always pass"
Worrying about finding a job, finding a spouse, money or whatever it may be is useless, "Allah is competent over all" - Quran 9:39 "Allah is with As-Sabreen" - Quran Surah Al-Baqarah, "And perhaps you hate a thing which is good for you" - Quran
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