Asalamu alaykum

This is just a question of curiosity and if anyone has knowledge please reply.
I would like to know when riba is accepted.
We obviously know it's haram. But there are some groups in Islam who state that we can get a loan out as long as the interest isn't paid back.

- if you live in a non Islamic country it's accepted
- if the country is at war with Muslims we can get one
- they use another statement where the sahaba use to steal from caravans and they use this as justification we can do this to banks who fund war
- because we are at times of war there is no peace treaty. Therefore wealth and property is no longer protected.
- some leaders have the opinion that if we live in dur kuffar and have a passport with them then it's not permitted. However they also say this was terminated when the soldiers of the country entered the Muslim lands.

Can anyone confirm and share some knowledge about this topic with me.

Jazzak'Allahu khayran