Poetry competition thread has already been started on UF (good initiative taken by brother @Fakhri), just to add a little more activity for UF members i have a suggestion to start a cooking competition (mainly for sisters but brothers can participate also).


  • Any UF member can participate.
  • A common list of basic ingredients will be given to all participants, the food should be cooked using the listed ingredients only, once the food is ready all participants will submit photos of their prepared food in a thread having poll (before eating it) along with their recipe. For examples: lists may be like: "Eggs, Milk, Honey, Bread, Butter" OR "Chicken, Cheese, Mushroom, Lemon" etc. Helping ingredients can be added according to taste/ requirement of each recipe.
  • Every participant will be a winner, however who will get the most votes (based on his/ her prepared food's photo/ recipe) will be considered as "Official Chief Chef" of UF.

This is just a rough draft, if anyone wish to modify the idea in better way he/ she is welcome to do so. Also, if any sister is willing to manage this online competition (for female participants) then please mention.

i would request some of our respectable sisters to take control of it if they are interested and have time:

@Muslima London
@Sky Lark

Any suggestion/ input/ criticism from all of you is appreciated.