Here is something good to kick off the new year and to give you a host of new deeds to complete every day for as long as you wish.

Make your very own ‘Box of Good Deeds’ for the home, workplace, school, prayer room, masjid or any other space that you like.

Follow the simple steps below to get going:

1.Buy a medium sized gift / storage box (or for the more creative amongst us, make your own using an old card board box). Label it ‘The Box of Good Deeds’. You may also use a jar, a pot or anything else that you can get your hands into.
2.Print out the following document – box-of-good-deeds
3.Cut out the squares with the good deeds noted within.
4.Fold up each square and place it in your ‘Box of Good Deeds’
5.Place the ‘Box of Good Deeds’ in an accessible location in your chosen space.
6.Use it everyday to take out a square, read and note the deed, carry out the deed, and repeat the same steps the following day, taking out a different random square each day.

More details below:

If you do make one, please, please share a photo with us so that we can show and encourage others to do the same.

JazakAllahu Khair