A former British soldier sent bomb threats to mosques and Muslims at their own homes, warning: “Next time it will be a bomb, you Muslim scum.”

Jamie Bond sent letters to three mosques in Bristol, Cardiff and Rotherham and two Halifax men.

He was handed a two-year jail term suspended for two years at Plymouth Crown Court.
Bond’s campaign of hatred ended when police found DNA on the letters.

The mosques targeted included the Jamia Masjid Abur Bakr in Rotherham and the Al Manar in Cardiff.

He also sent letters to Luton Police Station called for “Islam to be bannned” and referring to white supremacy.

The 43 year old, diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder admitted eight counts of sending a malicious communication last July and August.

Judge Paul Darlow told him: ”The messages are particularly corrosive at a time when we as a community are struggling with extremism.”