In this article I will speak about an old method used by the patient himself as a test to see if he has being effected by Ayn, siher, or hassad. this method is basically a method for testing to see if you are effected or not but in some cases it did help some patients in reducing the symptoms and in other cases it did help in full cure. it all depends on how sever the condition is and how long it exists.

I will explain the method in a simple words and try to cover all the aspects of this method so if anyone of you wants to do it ,he or she will know what to expect as a results.

The method:

Bring small fresh head of ginger which they sell in the super market ,then brush it in order to make it as small flakes.
Take around 6-8 spoons from this ginger the spoon will be medium size spoon not the food spoon. and put them in a pan, add on it I/2 litter of water and heat the mixture it until it will start boiling, the shut off the heat and leave it to cool down.

You will end up with a mixture with a soapy appearance.

The patient will take this mixture and will rub all his body from head to toe, you should make sure that you covered all your body with this soapy water exept your eyes. You can use only the water or the water and the ginger mixed.

Then you will keep this water on your body and you will wear your clothes . Then you will sit on a sofa or on your bed or if you want to lay down, it is up to you. You will start listing to Surat Al Baqarah and the Ruqyah or either one of them but it is recommended to listen to both through either a head set of from a cassette recorder. you will just listen ,you will not do any reading for the ruqyah or Surat Albaqara in this method.

this session will take around three hours. after the three hours are done ,you will take a normal shower to clean your body.

So what are the symptoms that the patient will experience by doing this method.

if the person does not have any spiritual illness ( Ayn, siher, hassad, Mess) he will not feel anything at all, and if the person has one or more of the above illness he will feel burn and heat on his skin in some areas of the body, these areas might be his legs, or shoulders or his neck or back. He also might experience the heat in his face, one side or both, also some times the heat will start in one area then it will move during the three hours to another place of the body like the back or the lower section of the back. Also the patient might feel the urgency to go to the bathroom ,or he might vomit in some cases .also he might feel coldness and shivering in some parts of your body or you will feel some numbness in your feet or hands or face.

If you get one or more of the symptoms which I mentioned above, then you should know that you have one or more spiritual illness from which I mentioned above and you will need to start doing ruqyah on yourself or seek help from a raqi.

Some of you will say well the ginger is hot and it will irritate the skin? and my answer is if you are free of spiritual illness you will not experience any heat on your skin. and if you are effected you will start feeling the heat in some parts of your body depending on the type of Ayn or hassad or siher or mess you have and it might migrate from one part to another during the three hours.

I the fresh ginger is not available You can use the powder ginger instead,but it is recommended to use the fresh one. Also make sure not to put any of the water in your eyes. And If you have any cuts in your skin you can wipe them with this water as it will not do any harm .

As I mentioned earlier that this method is mainly a test method but in some cases it did help reducing the symptoms and in other cases it did provide full cure.

Any Questions ,let me know.