I reverted to Islam from christianity about 8 years ago and gradually became more religious. I recently started covering my hair as well. About 10 years ago my relative had a baby and I became the "godmother". I also remember signing papers in church. Every year I bought something/gave money to her and she did as well but the last few years she stopped and started hating me I believe (telling people i wasn't giving her money or spending time with her apparently) even though I was giving her lots of gifts I was not spending time with her because she is quite different than myself and also just using me for things. Anyways I was becoming more of a Muslim as well so now I feel like I should not be the "godparent" anymore and I don't know how to do this. I moved away and my mother keeps buying her things and writing on the cards "love godmother and then my name" and she also gives her money and things from herself. I told her not to do this and it really make me angry because we have always been poor and she grew up in a rich family as well and she doesn't even get us anything but we never wanted anything anyway. I also have a "godparent" who is my mom's sister and she always gets me gifts every year as I do to her but I want to become a better Muslim and I don't know what to do it makes me cry. Please help.