sometimes people have problems and the try to put it down to evil or jinn etc...

so they go to see certain practicers like peers, holy men, scholars or others who claim to have 'hidden' knowledge that can help to get rid of the cause of the issue.

What is islamic view on them, are they ALL shirk?


  1. A guy looks at you asks you a few questions then gives you some papers with writing on in ink for you to soak on water then drink (we will ignore fact that drinking ink might be poisenous)
  2. A guy interviews you or get info from parents then give you some duas to pray daily
  3. A guy gets info off parents or careres, decides you are possessed and starts exorcism, including beating it out of you...literrally.
  4. A guy who tells you hold a piece of paper or to blow one one, then shows you 'faces' on the paper, who they say are the cause of your probems.

In reality Islam says when something goes wrong its usually your own fault, due to some bad action or not praying etc... You know nothing can harm you except by the leave of Allah. But sometimes we pray namaaz, duas and yet still things keep going wrong, you feel worn out all the time, and luck is sour so you feel you need help from someone who has experience of dealing with these sort of things