AlsalamuAlaykum brothers and sisters,

My name is Hajer and I am a female, 24 years old in California studying pharmacy towards my PharmD alhamduliAllah Allahuma Barekli.

I am in 5 dilemmas:

1. I have worked really hard in my university in pharmacy school and need to get into this honor society and need an A in a class I took last semester and A's this semester and the following 4 semesters and that I become the Vice President of the honors society. I have been working very hard for this. I am also currently in a very tough class please make duaa I get an A in this class and 100% on my assignments, quizzes, and exams for this class as well as all my classes and future classes and that I get a 4.0 GPA for my future terms as my grades dropped the last 2 semesters and I need to bring them up. Also I need to obtain a pharmacy residency, Please make duaa that I obtain it Please make Duaa for me. Ameen!!!

2. This one is very serious and giving me nightmares. I applied for a position at Rite Aid as a pharmacy intern in a location close to my home. First the district manager never answered my calls or gave me a call back. Second, about 10 days of trying to reach her I call the pharmacist at the store who requested me and said that I did not get the job because I did not seem confident. I was like alhamduliAllah because I am always asking Allah for their. So I was quite happy because it was Allah's choice. However a couple days later the district manager final contacts me back saying I got the job. I was like again, alhamduliAllah this is what Allah wants. After a month of not getting contact when I start I call the pharmacists at the store who requested and says I need to do training. When I went they told me I can do my training there for a day but then I need to go to my home store which is 40 minute drive due to traffic. Although my home store, application, and online profile states the store that I applied to and that is near my house. She also put me in a location that the PIC requests Sundays for interns even though I specifically stated in my application I am unable to work Sundays and can only mainly friday evenings and Saturday mornings (when I am on break) or 1 day worth Friday afternoons (when I am in school). I am not sure why she did this but I tried to work as much as I can and since he doesn't need me Saturdays he says so for a while I worked 4 hour friday shifts. I worked one Sunday but that was cuz I was free and no other obligations. Also another intern keeps telling me that him and the district manager say how I don't like to work which looks so bad if I want another job or apply for a job when I'm pharmacist and very residency. Although I covered a lot of shifts last week and worked 23 hours and came in days I was not schedule. On another note, the pharmacy manager never gives me my schedule on time and always orders my badge late and keeps telling me why I don't answer although sometimes I answer right after I see the missed call. tonight I was at school doing an assignment and they needed me to come in but I declined and he was disappointed. he complained that I did not answer on time and questioned my being at school, mind you it was 6pm when he called, I am not an ER doctor on call, I am a student first and foremost. I said I finish by 7. He asked if he should tell them I am available since I was not working today and I said no. He said if you just show up they need help. I declined again at 7 cuz I had no ride. also he said ok just call them again and see if they need help. I did just to make matters easier for me and when I called the technician said he told them I am available at 7 even though I said not to tell them or promise them he said ok he won't just show up if u can. I am scared they will fire me and if not I am scared I'm looking bad to them. I know I fear no one but Allah but I feel like this district manager brought me back to harm me like she planned it. Please make Duaa they do not fire me and they I do not look bad to them and that I don't work more than 5-6 hours a week maximum(I have many other obligations) and that those fall on either all Friday afternoon when I am during school or Friday evening and Saturday morning when I am on break and that they are happy with that and I get a pharmacist job and a residency Ameen.

3. please make Duaa Allah makes it easy for me and no harm comes my way. Please make duaa Allah makes my studies easy for me and my leadership positions easy for me and my work easy for me and my life easy for me. Ameen.

4. I am in constant hassad and evil eye. My brother is not doing well as he is not in school and prays and stuff but I feel my whole family has evil eye. Always something bad happen to me after jealousy or someone look at me. We both are in constant depression and unhappiness and am always worried and filled with anxiety. Please make Duaa Allah protects me and my family from evil eye and always have khair and baraqah and blessings.

5. I am very desperate brothers and sisters. I cry every day and night and have so much anxiety and worry. Also please make Duaa Allah eases my worry and makes my life and me and my family happy and with baraqah and health and rizq and strengths and Khair and no harm comes our way please! Ameen!

I am in very desperate need and crying all day every day please brothers and sisters.

Jazaak Allah khair.

May Allah reward you and answer your Duaa's and mine Ameen!!!