Salam alaykum. I'm very argumentative towards my father and whenever he tells me something I argue against him and disrespect him, I always feel bad afterwards but in the heat of the moment I have a lot of built up anger towards him for no apparent reason. I love him sincerely but when he tells me to stop doing something I always argue the matter. I always feel like he does not listen to my side of things and he does not let me speak when we argue and shouts me down so I get even more frustrated.

I have tried to be patient and listen to him but there are times where I am so angry because I truly believe what I'm saying is correct and that he is wrong. How can I overcome this? How do I respect him more? He calls me a spoilt little brat and says my friends have influenced me but honestly it really has nothing to do with them. It's the fact that he never lets me speak. My mother tells me to listen to my father but then when he is not around she says it's not my fault he is just being protective etc.

So is it my fault or not? Am I being disrespectful or is he just being short tempered? You know those times when you're adamant that you're in the right but they just don't listen to reason... that is how I feel sometimes and it drives me insane.

He takes away my phone, reduces my spending money and grounds me so I do get punished but I always end up arguing again a month later. I don't know what I can do to try and be a better daughter.