Share anything that you witnessed that was heartwarming, and restored your faith in humanity.

Il begin, its a simple one, but just to get the thread started, It was Ramadan, we were performing Umrah, and it was almost time for Magrib but we were still performing the Tawaf, we were extremely tired and hungry, we were worried about how we could come out of the crowd and find some food to break our fasts and continue our Umrah, but just as the azaan was read, people everywhere started sharing dates and zamzam with each other and began breaking their fasts together. Some men were pouring and handing out coffee to the people. I took a moment to look around me, it was a beautiful scene, we were like a big family breaking our fasts infront of the Ka'bah, everyone sharing everything they had. Alhumdulillah it was a blessed iftaar and we could complete the whole Umrah on dates and zamzam.