In a women's seminar, a question was asked to all married sisters "when did you last time say 'i love you' to your husband". They all gave different replies, some said "few days ago", some said " today" some said "can't remember".

Then, they all were advised to type " i love you" and send sms on their husbands' mobile phones and see and share what their husbands send in reply. The winner with best reply will get the grand prize.

So, they sent that sms and after a while they start getting replies, which were as below:

Husband 1: are you feeling alright?
Husband 2: do you need some money?
Husband 3: do you want to visit your parents?
Husband 4: do you want me to cook dinner tonight?
Husband 5: what do you exactly mean?
Husband 6: are you dreaming or am i?
Husband 7: do you need a new jewelry set?
Husband 8: there is so much work in the office and you are getting romantic?
Husband 9: i have told you many times to stop watching drama serials.
Husband 10: have you again crashed the car?
Husband 11: i love you too...

And judges were about to announce "Husband 11" as a winner but shortly after his first sms he sent another sms "....but who are you?"