How do I stop idolizing pre-marital romantic relationships..? I am eating less meat, I take antidepressants, which have a side effect of lowering my libido and making it harder for me to masturbate, I lower my gaze, yet I keep having fantasies of dating, cuddling with my future girlfriend, being alone with my future girlfriend, kissing her, etc.....why are Islamic marriages superior to western relationships, and why should I not date in college, so long as I don't commit zina? also, is it a bad thing for me to fantasize about that sort of thing? my therapist and mother have advised me to date in college when I am "emotionally ready" and my mother claims that doing an arranged marriage/matchmaking would be a bad idea, because since I am autistic, a girl may not understand me after only meeting a few times......EDIT: I don't always lower my gaze...I still look at girls' social media