Are you any good at growing things? Has anyone ever tried growing tomatoes? Please tell me what I need to do. And don't tell me to Google it because all they have online is really serious enthusiasts who use weird terms and say it can't be done without complicated processes and material.

It's just tomatoes for crying out loud!! :crying_old:

Can't I just chuck them in the soil and throw some water on them every so often? What happened to simpler times when gardening was easy?? Ok I don't actually know if it was ever easy tbh - nothing I ever planted could be called a success.
Anyway I reeeeeeally want these cherry tomatoes to work. So what I did was cut some up in half then i put some of them face up on the soil. Some I put under a little of the soil. And some I separated the seed from that gel coating they have because apparently that slows down germination or something and planted those seeds under some of the soil.
I've been putting it out in the sun every day for the tomato halves to dry and bringing it in during the night....I have no idea why. I just feel protective of it.
Today I put a little bit of water on the side I'd planTed the seeds.

Now what?