I know one thing.. one of the three Abrahamic faiths are true. It's either Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. I think I'll pass on Christianity, as the members don't practice their faith in respectable fashion. The majority anyways. The reason I'm looking to Islam is because of how dedicated to the faith Muslims are. You guys really outshine Christians as far as practicing your faith. I'm not sure at all about jews, but that's for a different forum.

Here are my problems with Christianity and they might apply to Islam. I hate this idea that we're chosen by God before He created the earth and every none chosen person is going to rot in hades. Why would God do this? To make pre-destined friends for Heaven? Do all Abrahamic religions work this way? I can't get sense from Christians on the topic, honestly. They're so set on denying science and looking odd well doing it. I'm not saying I worship the scientific community or something, I'm saying that I just need some sensibility in what I believe in.

How do Muslims rationalize what IS and whatnot do? I never see you guys marching in protest with things they do that apparently go against Islam. I'm not trying to be disrespectful, just asking questions.

This is pretty much all I have to ask right now. I think you guys could be right, and if you are, i'm in the right place. I still feel this need to believe in Christianity. It's from growing up in Canada around Christianity. These Christians feel like these settlers that killed millions of natives for their land could be right in the religion they brought with them. That sounds foolish to me.