A thunderous noise and a wound strikes Al-Shaam, O my people.

A thunderous noise that breaths like neighs.
By Allah how impressive O son of Al-Shaam is your deed.
Verily you are truly courageous and the wars are the proof.
Your spirit of bravery in purity is free.
Receive glad tidings O martyr of Muhammad (saw) as a friend.

Patience O Homs your persistence is glorious.
Dara'a stay steadfast, verily the tyrants are little.
You refuse their morals, the humiliation O Hamaa.

Idlib, your highness remains fragrant in the sky.
O betrayer wait a while, your day will be black.
Inevitably you await a fate of disgrace and humiliation.
O Muslims unite with determination!
Verily the aggressor has killed and destroyed.

Glad tidings of a conquest is on its way and is determined.
A near victory and our God is sublime.
Al-Shaam will return to its sprinkling life and its magnificence.
Allah is the greatest and La ilaha illa Allah trembles the sky.
The flowers will unfold its leaves and the streams will flow
The birds will sing and the songs will fill the sky