Asalaam. Please do not be judgemental. I need advice and exact ruling about a matter. I couldnít ask anywhere. Please understand.
We have few friends we discuss and share different things. Lately, there been a discussion about female.... whose half nude pics have been leaked. A friend shared that. I got upset with that and deleted right away. Being concerned. I advised not to post or reforward such stuff. (she was half uncovered i mean to say till belly)

I got a reply from my friend that since these are pics of women and women has pardah but not the upper part and thus we can see it.
I am not aware about whats the term Satar or Awrah exactly means. But they explained about awrah and satar terms to me which I didnít get.
I am here because. Other friend insisted me to see other pics of some model who had same pics. For motivation, they are motivated in sense that they are trying to get slim or get waxing done for their Husbands ofcourse.
as I mentioned, she got behind me to go through them.i got confused. To be more honest, i wanted to see that pics. Still I believe thatís something wrong.i tried to ask someone indirectly but i got the same reply about sater, awrah n navel upto. I dont really get these terms. I mean i do satar means pardah, awrah i dont know.

I have not seen the pics till now. I feel like i need a strong evidence to Stop my nafs from such base things. I do believe somwhow this is WRONG. BUt i want to know In clear words if women can see other women half naked? How my friends EXPLAINED that this is jaaiz as we are not watching men and we not watching filthy stuff. With no bad intentions? Just for motivation etc
Also the girl which i glanced earlier (as I mentioned above) had some Playing things with her and it was giving a message that she is enjoying with it though it was no where in pics but it could be clearly noticed. They also said that u can enjoy when ur alone the way u want. Whats the problem as u not doing haram.
could u plz clear this as well.i am here for myself and for my other friend who is confused too. Please it would be really nice if i get reply asap.
Your sister