So I want to know if there is something wrong with me if I feel hatred and anger towards someone's family. The person who wronged me was gone and no longer do I suffer from them alhamdullah but at the same time their family covered for them and their tracts despite the wrong the person did. Now all i get are awkward salaams and looks at each other. Most often I try to avoid them as much as possible. I'm trying to understand that isnt what they did estially bad? Many of them give this public image of being literally the best muslim yet in reality I know they are different from what they project. Yet people still like them. I see one member who started coming to the mosque, he is giving charity and praying jummah and all that. Its obvious that what he is doing are good things and allah to some extent is guiding him so I feel like there is something wrong with me for disliking him. When someone is trying to be a good muslim , I feel and love that person for the sake of Allah but this person, it's so hard because he covered for his family member who terrorized me. When I was slandered and humiliated in such a degree and bullied in the school where I became paranoid and couldn't sleep, I went insane. I feel like he and his family are responsible for what his child did and full aware of it. I have forgivine this person family besides the perpetrator so dont tell me to forgive. My point I'm trying to illustrate is why do I feel disgust still? Am I sinning or do I have the right to feel upset?