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The Five Ground Rules For The Achievement Of The Tradition Of Victory Or Its Absence

Adaptation from an Eng. trans. of a chapter of “Al-‘Umdah F? I’d?d Al-‘Uddah Lil-Jih?di F? Sab?lill?hi Ta’?l?” - entitled “Al-Us?l Al-Khamsah Li-Tahaqquq Sunnat An-Nasr Aw Takhallufih?” - by Shaykh ‘Abdul-Q?dir Ibn ‘Abdil-‘Az?z.


And they are: The first: That victory is in the Hand of All?h, Ta’?l?, Alone. The Second: That All?h, Ta’?l?, promised His Believing slaves victory over their enemy in the Duny?. The Third: That this promise of victory is only for the People of Complete ?m?n, and for every Believer is his share of this promise according to the amount of his ?m?n. The Fourth: That the absence of this promise means the absence of its ?m?n? conditions. The Fifth: That if this promise is absent, then the slave doesn’t become deserving of it unless he changes his state in order to complete the conditions of this promise.

And the clarification of these fundamentals is as follows:

The First Ground Rule: “That Victory is in the Hand of All?h, Ta’?l?, Alone.”

Due to All?h, Ta’?la’s, saying (interpretation of the meaning),

And there is no victory except from All?h 1

And this Verse includes that which is considered to be from the strongest methods of restriction, and it is the negation, “…no…”, followed by the exception, “…except…”. And this meaning is also understood from His, Ta’?l?’s, saying (interpretation of the meaning),

If All?h helps you, none can overcome you; and if He forsakes you, who is there after Him that can help you? 2

And when this meaning was absent from some of the Companions, may All?h be pleased with them, in the Battle of Hunayn, and they were impressed by their great numbers, the defeat took place so they would know that the numbers and the materials do not benefit anything except by the permission of All?h. He, Ta’?l?, said (interpretation of the meaning),

Truly, All?h has given you victory on many battle fields, and on the Day of Hunayn, when you rejoiced at your great number, but it availed you naught and the Earth, vast as it is, was straitened for you, then you turned back in flight. Then All?h did send down His Sak?nah (calmness, tranquility and reassurance, etc.) on the Messenger and on the Believers, and sent down forces (Angels) which you saw not, and punished those who disbelieved. Such is the recompense of disbelievers. 3

So He, Subh?nahu, reminded them that He gave them victory in many battle fields, with less than this great number which they were impressed by, and that when they were impressed and inclined to the great number, it did not benefit them in any way, so they were defeated. Then All?h gave them victory after the defeat, to clarify to them that the victory is from Him, not due to the great number which did not benefit. So He, Subh?nahu, through the defeat, returned them to the first matter which had become absent from some of them, (and) that matter is “And there is no victory except from All?h”.


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