The four madhabs are great scholars of Islam. May Allah reward them for their dedication in helping the Islamic world.

I was born a Muslim but wasn't raised in a family that is practicing so I went away from the deen for majority of my life and only till quite recently I have been back on the right path, I'm not perfect but I try my best.

majority of mosque near me are deobandi ( i live in london ) and they advise to follow the teachings of abu hanifah strictly and stick to that. Whilst I understand for a laymen, it is almost possible for us to interpret hadiths and Qur'an in a way educated scholars can so we have to rely on the teachings of a respected madhab. My question is, to
stricly follow one madhab is it permissible?

In my humble opinion I am of the view that you should have a
a trusted scholar that you go for Islamic views but to completely stick to one is surely wrong ? The great imams like abu hanifa were only humans and could of made errors so to blindly follow them is wrong.

In no way am I implying that Indivduals should go and interpret Qur'an and hadiths and issue themselves "fatwas" that is completely wrong for a laymen and this one of the reasons why we have so much extremism in islam - but surely there has to be a middle ground where both sides can meet in which you follow your respected madhab but in issues you feel they are wrong , you can go with another view, but only if you belive sincerely that the view is correct. I'm seeing with my own eyes that Indivduals have doubts over a view of a madhab but because of their strict following of a madhab they are not willing to take another view regardless of the evidence.

I'm sure this is a topic most people have been through and have different views.