One of the biggest mystery for me is Dajjal's real identity.

I often wondered for years why his past was never mentioned, why he was locked up in the monastery in a remote island in the first place, there is not a single information or speculation who he was before he was chained or why he was imprisoned for 1,400+ years. We only know the description of his physicality and what he will do in the end times, that’s it.

You have so many Islamic histories that were speculated by scholars and layman. Hot topics like Yajuj Majuj’s ethnicity, King behind the name “Dhul Qurnayn” and the location of the wall on the other were heavily speculated for centuries but nothing on Dajjal except the Ibn Sayyad part.

Like was he one of those pagan ruler or among the exiled tribes of Judah? Why do occult organizations, religions, ancient cultures and the entertainment industries etc always show the Horus eye and use it to represent their group?

I just feel everything goes back to whoever invented the Eye symbol and think it represent him who happened to be an influential figure thousand years ago before he was imprisoned for unknown reason. The Eye is the common denominator in alter history.

Just a thought.