Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

This is my first Ramadan Alhamdulillah & my 5th day as a Muslimah

I have been interested in Islam for years, Iíve done research, read Quran, questioned everything ( even though I have thousands of questions left) but I am here today to ask a few more questions and InshAllah someone will be able to provide answers.

I was born into a Spanish non religious household, my mom was raised catholic and my dad a southern baptist. They told us there was a god and that was it. I always wondered more and wanted to know more. When I got older, about 11 years old, I was given a bible, and told by a friends mom that I needed to decide if I wanted to go to church with them. I agreed. It was my first time and the Pastor of the church asked if anyone had any questions, and my little hand raised. I asked ď sir, how can Jesus PBUH be God, A son, and a Holy Spirit? I donít get it... he replied, the answers you need are in the Bible, go home and read it. When in all reality even in my young age I realized that, he didnít have the answer I was looking for. I believed in Jesus PBUH as a prophet, but I could not bring myself to believe in him as a god, when I believed there was only one god. Years went by and I stayed confused and unsure, until one day a friend turned on Quran, it was Surah Al Baqara by sheikh mishary rashid alafasy.. my body tingled, my heart sang... and immediately I started to research and try to understand such a beautiful religion, which has led me to today. I was unable to pray the first day of Ramadan as, it was the end of my time of the month, but yesterday was my first successful day. I prayed all 5 prayers. Alhamdullilah. Now for my questions.

I have a job, where I get off of work around 630.. I am home by 645 7 am ( only 2 days one week and 4 days the next) I miss Fajr prayer, and will not be home in time for Sunrise. Am I able to make up Fajr as soon as I get home? Will I be considered a bad Muslim? Unfortunately, I am unable to stay home, as much as I would like to, at this point in my life ( mid 20ís) I have to work until I am able. I am unable to pray at work, I work in a long term care facility which basically means, I am taking care of people who have Alzheimerís and dementia and are unable to do so themselves.. from getting a drink of water to those who canít use the bathroom. I feel as if the environment is not clean enough for me to pray.

Second question... I hope Iím not overloading anyone, just am so happy to have a site where I can connect with people who are more knowledgeable than me.

I am learning Arabic, I can speak and read and write a lot, but I am struggling with Quranic Arabic, and I am struggling with getting prayers correct, so I found online where a girl had said that she went to YouTube and found a scholar who had posted all 5 daily prayers and she followed him, so that is what I am doing. Is that haram? I can make ghusul, wudu and I know what to say up until the end of the prayer. I know Surah Al Fatihah like it was the first thing I ever learned. Am I wrong for this? I donít want to mumble words, as Iíve read that is haram.

Third question, 5 years ago I had weight loss surgery and two years ago I had extra skin removal
surgery ( the skin was hindering my day to day life) which saved my life, I have lost almost 200 pounds and am on the smaller side, I have major issues if I do not eat for more than 6 hours, so yesterday I did not eat or drink as normal, but I had shorba, it was a very small amount and enough to make sure that I would not pass out or have low blood sugar issues. I did not do more than that as I knew that was just enough to keep me going. Is this haram? Iím so confused because Iíve read that it is, because I created the condition myself and some people say itís not because the surgery was helpful to me.

I am sorry for the question overload just not sure where else to turn

Thank you all for your answers and help.

May Allah bless all of you.